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School Bus Charter Singapore

We have a large range of premium quality, air-conditioned and regularly sanitized school bus charter for both seat belted and non-seat belted 23 seaters, 45 seaters and 49 seaters buses, and our dedicated charters team are experts in working out the most economical way to transport kindergarten, primary and secondary school students and children.

At Singapore Bus Charter we understand that cost and safety are important. We are always working with our schools to deliver the best school bus charter service possible for a competitive cost.

With our onsite mechanics, our school bus rental fleets are maintained to the highest standards and our reliability and friendliness make us the preferred supplier of hundreds of schools that like to go the “” way. 


Singapore Bus Charter has been providing 23 seaters, 45 seaters, and 49 seaters chartered and scheduled school bus services for International Schools, Child Care Centres, MOE Schools, and Private Schools transporting thousands of students every day servicing door-to-door and covering island-wide schools for the last 10 years. 

In addition, we are also experienced in handling private bus charters for school events such as excursions, camps, and field trips focused on your child’s safety. We are able to support different smaller bus sizes too for different school occasions such as 9 seaters and 13 seaters. Do contact us for more options.

Due to our extensive experience over the years we are able and confident to provide a safer, faster, and smarter way to transport students.

Reduce Journey Time

Singapore Bus Charter targets to keep traveling time within 45 minutes for every student. We will assign the most suitable vehicle (bus, minibus, MPV) to the students based on the most optimized distance and time taken. A shorter commute for school students helps improve their well-being for each school day.

private hire school bus transport
Excursions And Field Trips

Drivers, Fleets & Partner Network

  • Fleets & Partners
  • Singapore Bus Charter has a large coaches and bus pool of more than 200 private buses in Singapore for private hire school bus transport. We provide high-quality, affordable and reliable school bus transportation management services.
  • Qualified Drivers
  • Drivers are subject to stringent registration and background checks before they are approved. We will check for past criminal records and bad driving records.
  • Regular Drivers Assigned
  • We will assign a regular driver to the students for their daily commute to schools.

    Safety First

    We Put Safety As The Top Most Important Priority In Our School Bus Transport Service
    Ensuring that your child gets to school safely is our Number One Priority. Singapore Bus Charter does not take any chances when it comes to matters pertaining to the safety of children. 

    COVID-19 Advisory

    Social Distancing

    Is there social distancing on the School BusTransport?

    No. There will not be any social distancing on the school transport. As mentioned in the article in Today dated 8 June 2020, Minister of National Development Lawrence Wong mentioned that transport journeys are not long and the risk is transient.

    Singapore Bus Charter follows strictly to the COVID-19 check and safety measures that are set out by the Ministry and Covid-19 task force to ensure that our school bus transport is safe for all our commuters.

    Covid-19 Measures

    What are the measures that Singapore Bus Charter is taking for COVID-19?

    • 1. All our drivers are to take their temperature before they start their job. Any driver that has a high temperature is forbidden to drive.
    • 2. All the student’s temperatures will be taken before they board the bus. Any student that has a high temperature is forbidden from taking the school bus transport.
    • 3. All students boarding the school transport will need to put on their mask and sanitize their hands during boarding
    • 4. The drivers will be sanitizing their vehicles with disinfectant spray after completion of every trip to ensure safe environment for each commuter.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    During school holidays, bus operators continue to incur the bulk of their operational costs, such as drivers’ wages, vehicle maintenance, and depreciation costs, parking charges, insurance premium, and road tax.

    Though your child pays a higher monthly bus fare under the 9-month payment schedule, he needs to pay for 9 months instead of 12 months, and the total amount payable by him will be the same as that for another child who is under the 12-month schedule.

    Under the 9-month payment schedule, though you pay a higher monthly fare, there will be no advance payments needed and you need not have to remember which months to make such payments. This will also help to ease the cash flow problem, if any, for months where fares of 2 months have to be paid; and avoids the situation when parents find it difficult to claim refunds from operators for the advance payment made whenever there is a school transfer or early termination.

    It is an industry practice to charge school bus fares on a 12-month basis. Parents are also required to pay fees in advance in January (for December), in May (for June), and in October (for November). This has given rise to confusion and financial hardship for some parents. Under the enhanced process, a 9-month payment schedule has been introduced to spread the yearly total amount equally over 9 payments from Jan to May, and July to October. No payments will be required for the months of Jun, November, and December.

    Individual bus operators determine the bus fares based on a number of considerations such as bus capacity, the number of students taking school buses, distance traveled, insurance premium, etc. Thus, school bus fares vary from school to school.

    Charges for small buses are generally higher as students enjoy more benefits such as mandatory installation of seat belts, one-to-one seating, easier access to pick-up points, and shorter journey time. On the other hand, the number of students a small bus can take is much fewer than that a big bus.

    LTA has ruled that only a bus with 30 seaters or more is required to have a school bus attendant.

    How then can you get the school bus charter services at the most convenient time?

    With our dedicated team ready to serve you, you can contact our reservation agents who are at your disposal 24/7 to assist you with everything that you’d require. The fascinating thing is that our company makes safety standards the highest priority. Each driver and operator is vetted beforehand to ensure that they meet the essential requirements of Singapore’s Land Transport Authority.

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